Friday, June 17, 2011

Friday Mashup Challenge Idea

If you have never heard of Friday Mashup, they are a fun challenge blog that takes 2 different challenges and ask you to put them together in one card. A example is this weeks challenge that is Summer and Polka Dots. It's really fun!

And now they are looking for "Fan Favorite" challenges.
My Mashup Challenge, would be to:
1. Create a " Shaped" project.
2. Create a project using "Bright Colors".
3. Or "Mash it Up!" and create a " Shaped" project that uses "Bright"!

If you guys would like to get it on this too, here is how:
Here's what ya gotta is really easy!!!
  1. Write up a post on your blog with YOUR challenge idea with a link back to the Mashup Blog!
  2. Link up your idea post to the Friday Mashup Blog by June 22nd at noon (EST)
Hope you guys at Friday Mashup like it!


  1. Hi Carlie! This is a great challenge idea and I'm glad that you found our blog and submitted your idea!

    Have a great weekend, and thanks for joining us at The Friday Mashup!

  2. Sounds like a fun challenge! Thanks so much for joining us at the Friday Mashup!

  3. Hi Charlie, Thanks for your creative entry into our Fan Favourite challenge. I Love that you have suggested a shaped object, I'm thinking that would cover off a 3d object and so far we've been doing cards. Good Luck.

    Kasey ~ in Oz

  4. Brights are a big challenge for me! Thanks for submitting your Fan Favorite idea!!

  5. Great idea of a shaped card.. With the Bright colors even better perfect for kids too.. Or just a fun card or 3-D object all around! Thanks for sharing your idea with us at the Friday Mashup.