Sunday, February 6, 2011

Little Surprise!

Who wants to see my little surprise?

So this morning I found a comment on m blog from the wonderful and very talented Heidi-Mari! She told me to hop on over to blog and see the little "something" she left me on her blog. So when I went to check it out, I found this....

This wonderful award!

So the aim for this award is to give it to 3-5 blogs you have visited that are relatively unknown and bring them to light (no blogs with thousands of followers already)
So what do I have to do?
First: Create a blog post showing your award and say you accept it.
Second : Say who gave the award and link back to them
Third : Link to 3-5 of your favorite blogs and let them know about the award

So I would like to dedicate this wonderful award to some of my favorite blogs:

Victoria Case Stamps
A cute little blog with a wide variety of wonderful rubber and digi stamps. So inspirational and just plain adorable. I have known the owner for quite some time now.

 Hybrid Artist- Samara Gugler
 A Good crafting friend of mine. She has such beautiful creations and knows Copics and Magnolias so well. I love getting coloring advice from her and she is just so much fun!

 My Crafty Stuff
I have known the owner of this blog for a long time. She lives in the same city as me and I love seeing her creations. She is great with scrapbooking and I love looking at all her cards for inspiration.

Paperart by Annita
This another good friend. She is a friend of my mom and I met her through cards. She is great person and I love her personality and creations. She has adorable cards and I am always excited to see all her new stuff!


  1. You're a sweetie pie, Carlie! I'm very honored! Thank you so much ♥♥

  2. Ahhhh Carlie! you are so sweet!